Chai, Chill, and um..Chapati

Dear X*, I learnt that you will be traveling to India. I am thrilled that you have decided to embark on this solo trip to my homeland. You will find out not only how diverse & beautiful my country is geographically, culturally and historically, but also get to experience how a nation state can function […]

Thinking spaces

Of all the spaces I have seen, store space planning is an interesting problem. My friend’s wife works in space planning. While getting our usual morning coffee before work, accompanied by him and a $3.5 bowl of delicious oatmeal, I casually asked him if she aspires to be a physicist. After giving me a goofy […]

Building up that calendar

Trying to figure out how my whole life should be planned in terms of, first, just the time allotment of day to day hight priority activities is a huge fucking challenge in itself. Thinking about contingencies in case of failed projects and new challenges and unforeseen circumstances, which should be the next logical step in […]

Growing up with an outlier

See that red fish? That’s an outlier. She is red and different. She is surrounded by fish that are blue. Is that why she is an outlier? Maybe. What if she swam a little further away from her swarm and shoaled with a swarm of red fish? Then she ceases to be an outlier. In […]