It’s a 3D world

There seems little doubt in my mind that there are some movies which are better seen 3D than others. I saw the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them movie; a much awaited coloring of the magical world that Harry Potter lived in – and it just blew my mind. I wish film technology had caught up with the pace of the Harry Potter movie franchise, so that we would have seen all the other movies in 3D off the bat.

I don’t go to the movies that much; a conscious decision that I made after joining graduate school. Well, to be honest I have started to go to the movies – on average twice every 6 months – only recently. For the length of the time I was in Buffalo, I saw just one movie in the cinema (I did binge a lot on my computer with bootlegged stuff during down time from the incessant workload we had). Today, I saw the Rogue 1: A Star Wars Story in 3D. Brilliant plot, and amazing visuals of the inter-galactic battle between the Empire and the rebellion. The back story to the plans to destroy the death star has been revealed marvelously.

I couldn’t have asked for more – the holiday time, a morning matinee with Korean sweet buns and coffee to savor the start of a thrilling movie. However, the movie watching experience does take a toll on your time. It’s an immersive full day adventure to lose yourself, more intensely now than before, in the three dimensional world that you enter once you put on those glasses. There is no escaping the visuals. In the 2D space, you have a side vision of people walking on the side or other things that allow you to feel that you are still sitting on a comfortable barcalounger, on planet earth, eating pop-corn and greasing your hands. With the goggles on, it’s just unworldly. The experience just takes you away from normal life much more so than before – it’s immersive.

Watching 2D color movies was in the 90’s a big jump in experience, and then it became an everyday thing. Who knows what will virtual reality technology do to our movie going experience. But I’m sure, sitting in my warm and newly decorated room on Christmas eve 2016, we will find virtual reality a mundane reality some day in the next five years. Oh, what a thirst for variety our human mind has.


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