Thinking spaces

Of all the spaces I have seen, store space planning is an interesting problem. My friend’s wife works in space planning. While getting our usual morning coffee before work, accompanied by him and a $3.5 bowl of delicious oatmeal, I casually asked him if she aspires to be a physicist. After giving me a goofy chuckle, and a knowing tone of ridicule in his voice, he asked why would I even ask if her wife working in marketing would, even remotely, be interested in Physics. I jokingly reminded him of her job responsibilities of time planning in addition to her main job of space planning, and the need for her to be aware of the space-time laws of physics.

Spaces are such important parts of our lives; the living space for living, the dining space for dining, the bathing space for bathing and the co-working space to co-work. I learnt about co-working spaces a few months ago. Wework has a lot of spaces which people can subscribe to on monthly plan, and co-own spaces all over Manhattan for a certain number of hours, and work with friends or colleagues. This is great for me. I am going to use this to focus on my projects.


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