Building up that calendar

Trying to figure out how my whole life should be planned in terms of, first, just the time allotment of day to day hight priority activities is a huge fucking challenge in itself. Thinking about contingencies in case of failed projects and new challenges and unforeseen circumstances, which should be the next logical step in the time planning piece, seem like a climb up to Mt. Everest to me.

Okay, let’s start small. Let’s not use greedy, genetic or convex optimization algorithms for this; I’ll start small – our parallel divide and conquer. Let’s use the bottom up approach. And then, since we know a little more about the domain than random guesswork, let’s try to optimize on single comparisons when I have to judge the efficacy of activity A vs. activity B (assuming that by age 27, I should know how both activity A and B stack in terms of my interests and more importantly my motivations to complete them successfully) .


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